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Project Description

BingPaper makes it easier to set your wallpaper to the daily Bing image. You'll no longer have to right click, save the image and then set it as the wallpaper. You can set this up as a scheduled task to completely automate the process.

Update 11/24/2013:

BingPaper is no longer a necessary project.  Microsoft decided to create an application for setting your desktop background for you.  The only thing BingPaper provided was the ability to archive images automatically however, these images are now available as well.  As such this project is no longer being maintained or supported.


The BingPaper project started because I use Bing daily and at one point I decided to start saving the images. I was manually right clicking the image, saving it to a folder and when I ran across ones I liked I set them my wall paper.

Update 12/31/2011

Just in time for the year to end, I managed to slip another BingPaper release out.  This release corrects issues that seemed to come up after installing the 4.5 .NET Framework.  Thanks to those who reported it!

I'll give this release a month or so then push it out as v1.0.

Happy New Year!

At the last moment (always a mistake one regrets and knows better than to do so but there is a reason…) I decided to split the config file so that future updates to just the application will no longer overwrite user settings every time they update BingPaper.  The mistake I made was that I did not set the “bingPaper.config” file as "Content" and as such it was not deployed with the application.  The initial deployment is required and the file is tagged as "Overwrite only if newer."  This ensures I can now publish updates and if need be replace the “bingPaper.config” file.

Moving forward I will post notices indicating that an update had changes that required me to redeploy the “bingPaper.config” file so that you can make a copy of yours and replace the settings that you set, for example the file path, and in the future what tokens you want loaded and used.

As for the reason for being in a rush and skipping that crucial step I had Dragon Age II sitting next to me and I was anxious to open it and start playing. Smile.   I am truly sorry for the folks that downloaded it, I notice it was downloaded six times, two of them I can account for but the other four poor souls are probably very angry with me.  Sorry everyone.

Tips on upgrading

  1. Open the BingPaper.config file.
  2. Copy the entire <bingPaper> configuration section.
  3. Uninstall (for some reason the setting on the MSI is not working, users are still being forced to uninstall the old version manually)
  4. Install new version.
  5. Open the config file bingPaper.config and paste the <bingPaper> section into this file.
  6. Save the file and viola your custom settings are now preserved.

Update 3/10/2011

RC1 has been released!  Please let me know of any issues, suggestions, feedback, etc..  I'm seeking input for reasonable things that you as a user of this application would like to see.  Enjoy, and I hope you enjoy this release!

Geek Speak

The application is written in C# using WPF. The source code contains working examples of how to use custom configuration sections, how to save back to the applications configuration file and also demonstrates interacting with WPF controls on a form designed using Expression Blend.

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