Some Important Notes on BingPaper
  • BingPaper supports replacement tokens. The GUI displays and even allows you to click them to place them in the last edit box you had selected.
  • BingPaper supports command line arguments. Use /? or /help for details.
  • BingPaper's one and only window was designed using Expression Blend 3.
  • The source code should be downloaded from the "Source Code" tab as you can always get the latest version from TFS.
  • When running BingPaper as a scheduled task /useConfig is useful.
  • Currently, when running BingPaper as a scheduled task and you'd like your wall paper to change be sure to select the radio item: "Run only when user is logged in." The images will archive, but the wall paper will not be set if you do not select that option
  • Now with multiple country code support! (Effective as of this release)

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