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BingPaper crashes upon startup with RC1 release.


Due to the fact that every time you would update BingPaper, your custom configuration settings would be overwritten by what I use I decided to split the config file out.  The mistake the caused BingPaper to crash upon start up was two fold.
1) Bad code that should have detected the fact that the file was missing and say so rather than just doing nothing or crashing with a cryptic error message.
2) I did not flag the config file as "Content" in the MSI which means it was never deployed.
This means this config file will initially be deployed to your machine and the regular config file is pretty empty with a link to the bingPaper.config file.  Because I've tagged this file as Copy if Newer I can, if need be, replace your file but the only time that should be necessary is if some breaking change was added.  Other than that, from this point on, when you upgrade BingPaper I will be sure to make it very clear that bingPaper.config has changed and will overwrite yours.
It's suggested that before you upgrade to RC1 you save your settings if you've made changes to them that you want to keep.  After the install, copy everything in the <bingPaper> tag into the bingPaper.config file and this will retain  your changes.
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Resolved with changeset 63519.

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